Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Intensive Driving Lessons, Are They For Me?

People are always going to want to and need to learn to drive. Modern life makes it hard to find time for a weekly two hour driving lesson, which the D.S.A recommend to give you the best chance of passing your test. A one hour lesson seems to be over just as its starting to get going and you don't have time to do two hours. So you see advertised intensive courses offering "learn in a week" that sound good, but are they really that good?

Most of these intensive course schools advertise their "pass rates" and "guaranteed pass" and such, but let me explain some of the flaws. Taking an intensive course you will most likely be on a schedule over five days with 6-8 hours per day of driving. As an experienced driving instructor I can assure you your brain will not be working for the latter half of these sessions, therefore the productivity and safety of these types of courses are questionable at best (ask yourself why wagon drivers have to take mandatory breaks every few hours). Most intensive lesson courses operate in seaside towns where at certain times of the year there is no one on the roads, this along with these towns already having high test pass averages, (Bridlington 51.6% vs Heckmondwike 30.4%) your chances seem pretty good? The big problem here is what happens when you drive to Leeds, Wakefield or any other major city? A lady who took driving lessons in Dewsbury with me a few years ago got injured in a car when a friend, who had passed first time through an intensive course of lessons, came home and picked her friends up to take them for lunch in Leeds and wrote the car off on the way. This driver obviously wasn't experienced enough to cope with a major city centre and paid what could have been a high price. Another fact that seems to get overlooked is that some people will need more lesson time than others, so when these companies state you can pass in a week is misleading, considering they haven't even met or instructed you yet.

The best way to do your lessons is to find a reputable driving school and do one or two hours at a time. This way you can go away, without your head spinning and reflect on the lesson time. If you don't know of any good driving instructors in your area post a message to your friends on Facebook or other social media. Ask the instructor when making your enquiry if they can do quite a few sessions per week, this way you could get the best of both worlds and have intensive driving course, gain experience and learn to drive in the area you're going to drive in.